The Speed Demon

Every punch counts. 

The Speed Demon XT is an incredible speed bag counter.  

Using zoned-infrared light beams, it knows exactly what you want to know - just how fast are you?    

Watch your punch count accelerate on its built-in display, or hold steady as it shows you your speed.

Better yet - download the free iMetrics app and connect your Speed Demon to your smartphone via bluetooth.  


Data driven training for extraordinary results

The Speed Demon allows you to track your past so you can plan your future. 

Using the free app iMetrics, you can wirelessly connect with your Speed Demon to capture your workout in realtime and record your workouts.    

Speed Measurement

You know you can hit the bag fast.  You just don't know how fast.  Find out.  Only the Speed Demon can quantify your gains.

Time Trials (SDXt iMetrics)

Tired of the same old routine?  Set a time trial to see how many punches you can throw in one minute (or more!).  Switch it around and try to complete a "punch down" - how fast can you throw 250 punches?  500?

Speed Endurance Ratings (SDXt iMetrics)

Every time you workout, SDXt iMetrics will rate your workout using a speed endurance algorithm that analyzes the number of rebounds and your average speed for the duration of the workout.  Your current speed endurance rating is your cumulative rating for the last 30 days, and your lifetime speed endurance rating is your rating since starting using SDXt iMetrics.

Challenge Mode

You have to keep punching faster and faster to get ahead in this mode. The Speed Demon's Challenge Mode may just make you insane. It's also an easy way to compare your skill (insanity?) with others.


Multi-User Support (SDXt iMetrics)

SDXt iMetrics tracks data separately for each user.  If you are a personal trainer, this feature will allow you to keep track of multiple clients all from one device.  When one user is finished, you simply select a different user, and they are ready to go!


SDXt iMetrics makes it easy to keep track of your workouts with its auto-logging feature.  Every session, time trial and challenge is automatically saved in a logbook that you can access. 


The Speed Demon is compatible with the SwivelTek LTX swivel and the Deville 13 swivel (, and most other swivels that fit within a 3 inch square.  

The Speed Demon XT can be used as a stand-alone device, for punch counting, speed measurement, and basic challenge mode.

SDXt iMetrics is available for free through Apple's App store or Google's Play Store.  Compatible devices include iPhone (4S or higher), iPad (3rd generation or higher), iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy S3 or higher, Note 2 or higher, Nexus 4 or higher, and other Android phones or tablets supporting Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE).